Why most customers choose 5754 aluminum?


To be honest, the price of 5754 aluminum plate is not low, so why many customers still choose 5754 aluminum plate as the base material instead of 5052 aluminum plate with lower price, mainly because the magnesium alloy content of 5754 aluminum plate is relatively high. Strength and anti-corrosion performance are superior to 5052, so 5754 aluminum plate cannot be replaced by 5052 aluminum plate in certain industries.


Henan Lomi Precise Metal Co., Ltd. provides high-quality 5754 aluminum sheets all year round with low prices, short delivery time and high-quality film. Our 5754 aluminum sheets have good surface, and Henan Lomi has stock of complete thickness and specifications. If you buy 5754 aluminum sheets in stock and you can  come to Henan Lomi Precise Metal Co., Ltd. The minimum order quantity of our stock is low, and it is guaranteed to provide high-quality 5754 aluminum plate with alloy content up to standard, and magnesium alloy content can reach more than 2.8%.


If you have any questions about 5754 and 5052 aluminum sheet or coil, please feel free to contact us. 

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5754 aluminum sheet

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