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Aluminium Composite Panels
Aluminium Composite Panels
Aluminium Composite Panels
Aluminium Composite Panels
Aluminium Composite Panels
Aluminium Composite Panels
Aluminium Composite Panels
Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminium Composite Panels

Alloy Series:
Up to 2000mm
Up to 6000mm

Product Description

Short Introduction


Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs) are a type of building material widely used in the construction industry for both exterior and interior applications. These panels consist of two thin aluminium sheets bonded to a non-aluminium core, typically made of polyethylene or a mineral-filled core. The combination of these materials results in a lightweight yet sturdy panel with a variety of desirable properties.


Applications of Aluminium Composite Panels include:


  1. Building Facades: ACPs are widely used for exterior cladding in building facades. Their sleek and modern appearance, coupled with a range of available colors and finishes, allows architects to create visually appealing structures.

  2. Signage and Billboards: ACPs are popular for creating signage and billboards due to their ability to showcase vibrant graphics and withstand outdoor conditions. The panels provide a smooth surface that is conducive to printing or applying vinyl graphics.

  3. Interior Decoration: ACPs are used for interior design elements such as wall panels, partitions, and false ceilings. The variety of colors and finishes allows for creative and customized interior spaces.

  4. Corporate Branding: Many corporate offices use ACPs for their exterior and interior surfaces to incorporate branding elements. The panels can be customized to display logos and corporate colors effectively.

  5. Retail Spaces: ACPs are utilized in retail environments for shop facades, displays, and interior decor. The material's versatility enables designers to achieve a modern and attractive look that aligns with the brand image.

  6. Transportation: ACPs are used in the transportation industry for manufacturing lightweight and durable components for vehicles, including buses, trains, and commercial vehicles.

  7. Furniture Design: ACPs are employed in the design of contemporary furniture pieces. The material's adaptability allows for the creation of unique and aesthetically pleasing furniture.

  8. Exhibition Stands: ACPs are commonly used in the construction of exhibition stands and booths. The lightweight nature of the panels facilitates easy setup and dismantling for temporary structures.

  9. Industrial Applications: ACPs are utilized in various industrial settings for applications such as protective cladding, enclosures, and other structures where a combination of strength and lightness is required.

  10. Healthcare Environments: ACPs are used in healthcare settings for hygienic wall cladding and other interior applications. The smooth surface of the panels is easy to clean and maintain.


Product Parameter

Width Up to 2000mm
Length Up to 6000mm
Overall Thickness 3mm to 6mm
Aluminum Sheet Thickness 0.5mm to 2mm
Aluminum Alloy 3003 / 5052
Surface Finishes PVDF / PE / Powder Coating / Anodizing, / Mill, etc
Flatwise Tensile Strength 1.4Mpa 2.0Mpa
Flatwise Compressive Strength 0.8Mpa 0.8Mpa
Flatwise Shear Strength 0.5Mpa 0.8Mpa
Drum Peeling Strength
Flexural Strength 60Mpa 60Mpa
Temperature Up to 180 degree Celsius Up to 100 Degree Celsius

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