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Modern Cans are generally produced through a mechanical cold forming process that starts with punching a flat blank from very stiff cold-rolled sheet. Cans are the most commonly used beverage packaging materials in life. The aluminum for cans is mainly composed of three kinds of aluminum alloys with different compositions: 3104 aluminum for can body, 5052 aluminium coil for caps. It has good formability, weldability, corrosion resistance and solderability.

Since aluminium itself has good oxidation resistance, it is well used in cans to prevent oxidation and corrosion of carbonated beverages on the can. Both 5052 alloy and 5182 alloy belong to the aluminium-magnesium alloy, which have good corrosion resistance, good weldability, cold workability, medium strength and the surface is very bright after polishing. However, the 5182 alloy is relatively high in magnesium content compared to the 5052 alloy, and a small amount of Silicon is added, so the weldability is better than that of the 5052 alloy. Therefore, the 5052 alloy is mostly used for the can lid, and the 5182 alloy is mostly used for the pull ring.

If he requested sheet is typically alloy 3104-H19, H48 or 3004-H19, which is aluminium with about 1% manganese and 1% magnesium to give it strength and formability. We also see the inquires for AA 5182 as well as AA5052.

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